Program Objectives

For the Child

  • To provide an exceptionally high quality initial educational experience for young children
  • To provide a program which recognizes and respects individual differences in children, be it needs, interests, abilities, limitations, personality, etc
  • To provide the stimulus with highly qualified teachers and promote and encourage growth in physical, emotional, and cognitive development
  • To create a wholesome environment and provide stimulating relationships for the social development of emerging personalities
  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment designed so that each child is able to meet with success in his/her activities
  • To foster a keener awareness and real enjoyment of the world around him/her through a variety of first hand experiences such as creative arts, music, science, literature, and language that are geared to the needs and development of the young child

For the Parents

  • To provide affordable, licensed, non-profit quality childcare so that the parent may pursue his/her own work or other interests
  • To work cooperatively with the parents in identifying and meeting the child’s needs
  • To support the family by providing education through newsletters, parent information evenings, socializing with other parents of young children, and through parent-teacher conferences by discussing progress or difficulties being experienced by the child
  • To welcome parents to visit the program and participate in a variety of ways such as fundraising, assisting on field trips, repairs, sharing special talents, board participation or joining us for a meal

For the Community

  • To help meet the needs of the community for an early childhood education facility
  • To enhance the role of the Centre as an integral part of the community by inviting special guests to the Centre and through excursions into the community with the children. The program will also be linked with all appropriate social services, and other community resources
  • To promote public awareness of the importance of sound educational, child care facilities for young children, which will help contribute to their wholesome growth and development as future citizens of the community
  • To provide field placement and training for student teachers in Early childhood Education facilities such as the local collage, or high school students involved in family studies
  • To welcome volunteers into the program who will assist the staff in enhancing the learning experiences and environment for the children
  • To provide a setting where people of various backgrounds can work together for a common interest

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