Chickadee Room – Preschool (2.5 – 5 years)

Download our Welcome Book and classroom schedule (PDF Format) for an overview of the classroom.

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Please note that both the Cardinal room and Chickadee room are preschool age children. The classrooms follow the same philosophy of the daycare, but the goals for each classroom may be unique due to the teaching styles of the individual teachers.

Classroom Goals:

  • Social:
    • Interact positively and respectfully; showing respect for self, others and property.
    • Co-operate; listening, thinking and responding appropriately.
    • Show empathy; beginning to see the world from another’s perspective.
  • Emotional:
    • Develop self-concept; responsibility for self during dressing, eating, and daily routines.
    • Develop self-esteem; working towards goals, acting responsibly towards others.
    • Develop self-regulation of attention, emotions and behaviour.
  • Communication, language and literacy:
    • Promote ability to retell stories.
    • Promote phonological awareness and letter recognition.
  • Cognition:
    • Develop problem solving skills.
    • Promote expression of ideas, feelings and experiences.
    • Develop ability to connect pretend play and art work to real life experiences.
    • Recognize numbers and shapes.
  • Physical:
    • Increase coordination, speed and endurance.
    • Master fine motor skills; tool use and drawing.
    • Promote music and movement.
  • Classroom:
    • Provide a safe, enjoyable, inclusive environment which meets the needs of all the children.

For parents to contact the teachers please email:

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