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This website has been prepared to provide you with information which will help make your child’s Daycare experience successful, and to familiarize you with the Centre policies and goals.
Bridlewood Child Learning Centre
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To provide an exceptionally high quality experience for young children. To provide a program which recognizes and respects individual differences in children.
Bridlewood Child Learning Centre
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The City of Ottawa oversees the Child Care Registry and Waitlist. Any parent/guardian seeking licensed child care services is able to call 311 to obtain more information.
Bridlewood Child Learning Centre


I would like to say thank you to Melanie and Ela and all of the staff in the Bumblebee, Chickadee and Cardinal class for watching over both Abigail and Emma since 2016. Both Abigail and Emma made strong connections with staff and friends at the centre and were always treated well while there. The children always felt welcomed when arriving and the staff there always made sure they were given love to make their days full of joy. I want to also thank the staff in the kitchen who prepared wonderful meals day in and day out to make sure the children were eating healthy meals.

BCLC is a great place and I am happy to have had my children attend this centre. I have and will continue to recommend this place to friends.

Scott Muir (dad)
Scott Muir
What is there to say to a group of formidable ladies that, for the past two years, have supported, motivated and loved our son ... You have all contributed to Zack growing up to be a strong-willed, talkative and happy boy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Gwen and Fred Malo
Dear Ms. Yearington,

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to you and your entire staff for the loving care you have provided to Lois over the last three years. Three years ago, we found ourselves in a difficult situation, needing to find high-quality childcare for Lois, and we are deeply grateful for your assistance and support in finding Lois a spot at Bridlewood Child Learning Centre.

During Lois' time at B.C.L.C., we have seen her grow and thrive in every aspect of her development. The staff of the Bumblebee, Chickadee, and Cardinal rooms have taught Lois so much and we are very grateful that she has had such a positive, caring experience in childcare. In particular, the B.C.L.C. staff greatly contributed to nurturing Lois' social development, self-regulation, and learning skills, and we believe that these experiences have well-prepared her for the start of kindergarten.

Thank you again for the high-quality childcare provided to Lois over the last three years.

Sincerely, Robin Drummond and Lauren Figueredo
Drummond / Figueredo
Dear B.C.L.C. staff:

Thank you for all your hard work, inexhaustible energy, and loving care about every child in the daycare! Because of your enthusiasm, patience and ability to turn each day to the great day our son made tremendous success and got amazing friends. Thanks for everything! Sergii and Natalia
The Gorbenko Family
To all the staff at B.C.L.C.:

Today is Sanali's last day at B.C.L.C. as she will be starting junior kindergarten next week.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you and all the staff past and present for creating a wonderful learning environment for our little Sanali for the last 3+ years. The experience and care at B.C.L.C. would give her a good foundation to start junior kindergarten with confidence.

Wish you all the very best.

Thank you.
Mani and Jeewani
The Nanayakkara Family
Thank you so much for everything you do... The hard work you and your team do is so evident in how smoothly your program is run. We are grateful that Hailey attended your preschool, she has blossomed and come out of her shell during this short time and now she is ready to take on school!

Sincerely, Hailey, Kim and Craig Thompson
The Thompson Family
Dear B.C.L.C.:

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your amazing team of teachers at B.C.L.C. for all you have done to help James learn and grow over the past year. There is nothing more important to a parent than knowing their child is happy and safe and the smile on James' face every day when we dropped him off confirmed just how great this centre is. Thank you for your kindness, positivity and support. We are very grateful.

Sincerely, Brenda, Keith and James Van Ryswyk
The Van Ryswyk Family
To: The Best group of women I have ever known,

I cannot believe the time has finally come to part ways with B.C.L.C.

Having Halona grow and learn at this centre has been more gratifying than I could have ever imagined. In your care, I have watched Halona go from a baby with a bald spot, to a compassionate, caring, fun loving young girl. There are no words to describe how thankful I am to have had you play such an important role in her life - a role with such great impact, that you've inspired her to become a teacher too one day. You've shaped her future in more positive ways than I can think of. We are truly so fortunate to have found such an amazing centre with the most phenomenal staff. I am forever grateful for each and everyone of you.

Thank you for your patience, your understanding, your love and kind heartedness, your hugs, your kisses, your fun and laughter, and most of all....thank you for being you. Without you, I wouldn't be so lucky to have the Halona I have today. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK-YOU! THANK-YOU! THANK-YOU!

We will never forget you.
With Love: Nichole and Halona
Nichole Jacobsen
To the B.C.L.C. team. Thank you for all of your great work with Olivia. You have played a major role in helping her to become the smart, confident and happy girl she is today. She has really enjoyed her time here, and is now excited and ready to start school. Thanks to all. The Shiner Family.
The Shiner Family
How did we get here?

It seems like yesterday that we were struggling to find tiny boots that would allow an unsteady 12 month old to successfully navigate a snowy playground and worrying about how she would make out as the smallest bumblebee in the room. Now we can barely keep up with Alexis's boundless energy and never-ending stories.

We feel very fortunate to have found such a nurturing environment for Lexie's early years.
With your support,
- she learned to express herself through signs, then words and sentences (sometimes sentences which seemed to never end);
- she developed a love of music and songs and found she enjoyed making up her own lyrics;
- she learned patience and respect while still having lots of time for fun and silliness;
- she discovered a love for foods that we would have never thought to feed her (like black olives);
- and most importantly, she found comfort in your arms whenever she needed a hug.

Thank you for taking such great care of Alexis over the last few years! Your hard work and kindness is immeasurable, and greatly appreciated.
Lindy, Li, Alexis and Elliot
We just wanted to send you all a few words to let you know how happy we are with the B.C.L.C. crew. Emma has had so much fun and learned so much during her time with the Bumblebees and the Chickadees. We are grateful for your endless supply of enthusiasm, creativity, patience and caring. Thanks for making her time here so special. We'll miss you all! Emma, Cheryl and Allan Day.
The Day Family
To All The Staff:

Thanks so much for all the love, passion and professionalism you put into your jobs each day. The support and love from all of you has helped Anna grow strong, smart, imaginative and kind. We are going to miss seeing you all each day. Thank you!!
Jennifer, John and Anna Stipetic
It's that time - Melody's fantastic experience at Bridlewood Child Learning Centre has gone quickly and will becoming to an end. We have been so happy with her progress and she has really enjoyed her time with you. Thank you so much for all your hard work during Melody's time with you. Talk soon.
Sam Fiorino
We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the great care our son has received at the centre. As parents, it puts our minds at ease knowing that he is in a safe, nurturing and caring environment. He has and continues to enjoy his experiences at B.C.L.C., just as his sister did. He will miss the centre, as will we.

Please relay our many thanks to the Cardinal teachers, as well as your other staff. We wish you all the best, and continued success.
The Bussey Family
Thank you to all of the wonderful staff at B.C.L.C. We are so grateful for the exemplary care and attentiveness you have provided to our son. It has meant so much to us to leave him in your care when we go to work. We have always had 100% confidence that he is being well supported, nurtured and feeling happy. This is such a gift to parents. We cannot believe we are leaving the doors of B.C.L.C. for the last time. Kind regards,
W and V Tirabasso
We definitely feel a kind of ache, because it's suddenly time to say goodbye to this wonderful place and begin a new chapter of our lives. I want to personally thank you and your entire staff, as we cannot express enough gratitude to your service and your amazing care providers. I have witnessed so much compassion and dedication towards Markus and all the other children. It is very reassuring as a parent to know that your child is being loved and very well taken care of. There are not enough words to express the fantastic job they do, which would make it very difficult for us to find another daycare such as yours.
Stoilov & Skelton
We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to you and your entire staff for the loving care you have provided to Oscar over the last three years. During Oscar's time at BCLC, we have seen him flourish in every aspect of his development. The staff of the Bumblebee, Chickadee, and Cardinal rooms have taught Oscar so much and we are very grateful that he has had such a positive experience in childcare. In particular, the BCLC staff greatly contributed to nurturing Oscar's social-emotional development, self-regulation, and learning skills, and we believe that these experiences have well-prepared him for the start of kindergarten and for engaging with both adults and children alike in the school environment. Thank you again for the high-quality childcare provided to Oscar over the last three years.
Robin Drummond and Lauren Figueredo
Metteya has benefited greatly from the excellent staff and programs at BCLC, and has made many friends and good memories. The Christmas Pageant has been a major highlight for us every year. The staff really cares, and it shows. I would like to take this opportunity to not only thank, but congratulate the entire BCLC team for running a thoroughly exceptional program. You will all be missed.
Best Regards,
Adam Cadwell & Jacinthe Gosselin
Dear Melanie: As our 15 year run with BCLC comes to an end we just want to let you know how much we LOVED having our children cared for and nurtured here! You should be very proud to lead such a fantastic team.
Thank you for your kindness and warmth always and we wish you all the best always.
Connie, Mike, Mia, Owen & Jacob Costigan
Melanie: As always, thank you so much for all that you and your team do to make B.C.L.C. such a wonderful home-away-from-home. Charlotte is so happy and we couldn’t be more grateful.
Cynthia and Trent Abbott
B.C.L.C. Staff: Our boys, Callum and Graeme, have grown up with you! We can’t thank you enough for ALL that you have done as teachers and caregivers. The boys have always talked fondly of their time in the Cardinal, Chickadee and Bumblebee rooms; their teachers and their friends. Good luck to you all.
Becky and Andrew Laverance.